Three dimensional maneuver gear // Snk

Hi again! Some of you may know that I've also cosplayed Levi from Shingeki no kyojin this year. I love the whole series of Snk in every way and of course Levi is my favorite character from it. I would have cosplayed any character of series (and who knows - maybe I will cosplay some other character too?) but I chose Levi because I saw a lot of myself in him. 

These photos were taken last Spring/Summer, but nowadays the cosplay would look kinda different because I've started making all the straps again from the start (I didn't like the old ones at all, ew) But also I finished my 3Dmg at last!

Here you see how unprofessional I am haha. 
I started making my 3dmg at  last Spring, but I was in hurry and didn't finish it to Desucon, where I was cosplaying Levi so somehow these props just got themselves into my closet. What you don't see you don't remember, right? Couple of weeks ago, my friends mom asked me to model for her photoshoots. We planned about photoshoots of me as I want to be, with different themes and also with my cosplays. Of course I agreed with photoshoots! I remembered that my Levi cosplay had never had photoshoot and I want to have photos of it but - I WANT MY 3DMG TOO! So I finished them at last..

Photoshoot is going to be someday in January, for reasons x  and y, but it's sure to be very fun!

Here they are! The duck tape-thing before included two hangers and in the end it turned into a belt. I had some weird tactics with these but still I think they turned out better than I expected. (I expected something really really bad!)

Now I feel like a winner! I really did finish them! And even tho' I didn't plan these props enough or anything they turned out amazingly comfortable, like I don't have to be afraid that they'd fall off or anything. The whole system feels super 'strong' and easy to be with. (In reality I think 3dmgs are very obsessed with the straps and stuff, but I made these to work out even without the strap-things) When I got these ready I hanged around my apartment like an hour with these on, ahh I'm so happy.


I've also made a huge progress with my Aion - cosplay, but it has been so much sewing and I don't know what to talk about sewing? Maybe I'll figure out something! Have a nice week ♥ I'm going to do my costumes all day everyday this week (y)


Aion cosplay WIP: Shoes

Long time no see! I'm sorry I haven't posted more about cosplay things lately, but I suppose you understand that it takes time to make visible progress... I feel like I've been so lazy with sewing the actual costume, and too excited about making these armor-parts and props but little changes in working styles are healthy, am I right? 

So this is what I've done lately!
...I've been painting! I'm sure that the photo don't tell enough how much time and paints these ones took tho. I made like 20 different mixtures of different grays and silvers, using black, silver, blue, and white - although it wont be seen that there are so many different shades...But I can tell that painting these did still take time! I'll introduce you later what all the other parts are for etc. but today I almost finished the shoes that are made of some of the parts in photo above.

 I decided to sacrifice my red heels for this because I have used them only twice in my life and I've had them like 4 years. And I simply painted them to look right.
 Crazy but true - that each shoe is made of 9 different parts. But after some glue and connecting, there are only two different parts per shoe. Details are made of craft foam.

 And here's the other part. Shoe shanks are both just one large pieces of craft foam. (Yeah, there's a lot of craft foam 'cause of the layers I wanted to made. And black stamps there are pieces of velcro (?) (You know that sticky-tape-band-whatevs) so the shank is easy to put on, and it stays well on the right place and position. My tattoo kinda ruins the photo from the backside but you can see the point!

And here couple pictures of the shoe without my leg in it! As you can see that one shoe has two parts, the heel/shoe and shoe shank which is actually a giant tube haha. I'll tell about other parts and props later, bye now~


Facebook updates and Halloween selfies

As you can guess for the title: I made a Facebook -page! I've felt that I'm too nobody to make that kind of things but I also started thinking that maybe some of my siblings etc. doesn't even have any idea about my cosplays bc I haven't published any stuff about that topic on my personal profile? And ok, I always think that everyone has instagram and will see my stuff there but not everyone does so... 
But main thing is that I'm asking you to go and like my page~! (If you aren't exactly interested into seeing my updates there - you can still like my page just for support you know!)

Next quick thing; I was at the Halloween-parties last Friday and sadly I didn't get any descent photo of my whole costume ,_,'' I changed my plans about the make-up couple of days before parties and tried the make-up out a little bit differently:
Pics on the right are from my practice-look and then make-up came out better imo - just my luck.


I've had many exciting plans about many things, hope I can post more about cosplay-stuff soon! I have a lot to tell, but I also have many school-works and other stuff going on... 


Halloween make-up tutorial ~ (Requested post)

So here it is!

Do you remember this make-up? As I have said, this look has been done only with 'ordinary' make-up products and now I'm going to show how simply its done!

 If you want to make more realistic look, just use latex or some products made just for this kind of make-ups. This is only kind of 'how you can make more 3D - look with make-up while being too lazy to go buy some latex' -thing.

But yeah, I made couple of masses begin with.

First mass (A) includes make-up foundation (1) and pressed powder crushed into different sized pieces (4). There needs to be a lot of pressed powder to make some texture into mass which you can see while mixing it up.

Second mass (B) is made of red lipstick (2), a little bit of foundation (1), different shades of red eye shadows and a tiny touch of black eyeshadow (3). As you can see, I made couple of masses from those ingredients but with different proportions. (just to make different shades you know)

And then I started to make the mouth!
1. I put a thick layer of reddish mass into wanted place and shape. (And tapped it thicker some spots to make it more rough) 

2. Next I put mass A even a thicker layer around the red shape. This mass also needs to be 'tapped into place' so it'll stay thick and the texture shows up. 

3. Then I faded out the mass A to match it more with my own skin. When making this part, it might take many times to add more and more of both of masses to keep the spots looking thick enough. 

Eye part is made of only mass A, tapping it all around my eye. If you are going to use contacts, put them on before doing the eye because it can be impossible after. 

4. Eye shadows! Here's an amazing example how I used the colors haha. I used red, purple, violet, and orange eye shadows. (Maybe a little bit of black can be added too) Eye part has red base and mouth part is kind of "framed" with purple shades. I just tapped colors all over my eye, but I see mouth's coloring more important. Violet/purple/whatevs is the darkest color and that's why its being first eye shadow to add. (of course there is red mass on the base and u don't have to cover it, just shade it a little differently) Next one to add is red and on the top orange 'cause it's the lightest and brightest of this colors. This order will support the illusion of even more 3D-appearance in make-up.


I had kind of hurry writing this so I'm sorry if my English is more bad than usual or something - hope you understand even a little! 


Halloween make-ups pt.2 (Fantasy themed)

Hello again! It's time for part 2 of Halloween make-ups (Or fantasy make-ups). Last post was more about the "scary" or more like Halloween themed looks, but this time I'll show you some fantasy make-ups I've done and  some make-ups that have been done to me this year. 

1. Mermaid
Left make-up is done by my bestfriend Saimi. We practiced fantasy make-ups at school and this is the work she did to me! One on the right is look which I did myself on home in the summer. I'm kinda sad about the quality of the photos ;-;

2. Arctic elf/magician 
 This one is also done by me, this time to my dear friend Saimi.  I did this fantasy make-up and hair at school and yeah, I don't really know what the look exactly is called 'cause I just improvised the whole thing. But it reminds me of some kind of elves and magicians of  the arctic woods or something!

3. 'Animals' 
From left to right the first one starring is Saimi again with fox-inspired make-up by me. First two make-ups are also done at school where we were supposed to do some animal themed face paintings. Next to the fox is me with some deer look made by Saimi. Last one is one look I did at home inspired by Sphinx. It was believed that Sphinx had woman's head but lion's body - therefore I just should have made regular make-up but I wanted to make something cat-styled but still looking like a human at the same time too! (Haha dunno do I look human-like at all in that make-up but the make-up still isn't full cat-style either!)

That was it this time, there is one week until Halloween and I'm so excited! I'm hosting some Halloween parties with my friends next weekend and we are doing some pair-costume(s) with my bestfriend and its going to be so cool! Just hope that we can get some decent photos of the looks though...  


Halloween make-ups pt.1 !

Halloween is coming yay! I'm that kind of person who feels Halloween in everywhere at whole October, so I've started trying many Halloween inspired make-ups lately. (If you have followed me on instagram you may have been already seen that!) I'm going to do at least 2 posts about this topic and here is the first one right now. Today I'll show you some photos of these more ''bloody'' or ''spooky'' -themed make-ups I've done. All photos are taken by phone so I'm sorry for the bad quality.

 This one I made yesterday when I wanted to try same kind of technique I used a year ago to do some 'dry blood' -texture. I figured out how to make texture like that without any latex or fake blood etc and using only regular make-ups I had then. So all the pulp I used for this style was made of powder, foundation, eye shadows and lipstick haha. And yeah here you see also how obsessed I'm with asymmetric looks because every make-up is like that ehhhh....

 This one I did couple of days ago, when we were thinking about our up-coming Halloween costumes with my best friend Saimi. We did almost the same make-up as each other but just mirrored. This make-up was inspired by the cutiest blogger Anzujaamu! 

So the story behind this one is that my friend Linnea (in the photo) came to my place to have a coffee with me and suddenly asked me to do some Halloween -make-up for her. She asks me kinda often to do her make-up if there is enough time, but this time I had a chance to do something different - which was the Halloween-themed make-up! I had no idea what kind of look I would do and just started to do something. And this is how it came out!  Eyelashes aren't in a best position imo, but there are 3 pcs of them in the other eye so.. Unfortunately I don't have any good pic from the other side.

And last collage is about my last year's make-ups! There was more of them but it seems that I've lost the pics. Make-up on the right isn't even finished in pic but it was once again the only photo I had of it... How can I lost all my photos and stuff so easily?

Next time there will be something little bit different make-ups, but related to this costume-party-thing like Halloween!


Anuhart scale sword pt.1

Here's the first part of Anuhart scale sword WIP -posts! (I talked about this sword last time in here) Making this thing is full of work and oh god my brains must be tired of all thinking.. But now on  I thought it'd be easier to tell about my project by step by step:

1. First I made a drawing of sword in right ratio. I also measured lengths between multiple details of it.

2. ..And after that I drew another pic of sword's outlines on a light table. (First drawing is going to help me more later but second one is important only in making the base of this weapon)

3. I measured more simple lengths of second drawing and started to think about how big the sword is going to be. I calculated that someway the sword would be 130 cm long in real life (based on the photos from Aion database, even tho I made all my calculations in the conclusion of a man-character holding the sword in pics would be about 170-180 cm tall) But yeah I ended up in a smaller sword because I am only 164 cm tall, and 130 cm-long sword would be a pain in the ass in many situations, like transporting it, or its weight would be too much. Difference between my first calculation and my finished decision about sword's length is kinda big bc I'm making it 90 cm long now.(but irl its size is very good in my opinion)

4. Next I converted my drawing's proportions to 5 times larger and drew outlines on the cardboard.

5. Then the cutting!

6. I also cut smaller pieces of cardboard to support the sword and glued them on to the both sides of it.

7. Next I added PU foam onto both sides of cardboard. (Of course I waited the first side to dry first before I did the other side)

8. Next step is carving! I carved outlines of the sword by finding the cardboard under all the foam and shaped it a little. It looks kinda shitty before I carve it more but here's the point where I am now with this. I have a lot of work to do still huh!

And this crappy photos are just to make you figure out easier what size the sword is going to be. Pls love my home-look haha.


Info edit and armor in progress

Hi everyone! Last time I talked about posting only in Finnish, but now the situation has changed. It seems that there are people who want to read my blog in English too so I thought that maybe I should write in English so everybody could understand. That means I'm not going to write in Finnish anymore tho 'cause I'm too lazy to write in two different languages haha. But yeah, if you didn't catch up with my last post - we had photoshoot of my Nasubi-cosplay and if you wanna see more pics about the shoot or maybe my other cosplays or photography you can check my new deviantART here! I'm going to post there many other things too later! 

Now after information let's talk about one of my costumes in progress. I gave some tiny sneak-a-peek a while ago but here's the full picture of what I'm working on: 

If you're familiar with online games you might have guessed that this armor is from AION online. (So I'm going to cosplay Elyos warrior with this corrupt judge's chain armor for level 38 or higher)

I have sewed most parts of the costume, there aren't many things to do with that anymore. But I have a lots and lots of details to add still!

Let's start with the armors I've been working on this weekend. There was little problems with whole armor's design because the newest Aion database doesn't have 3D viewer like the 2.7 version has. The problem with it was that 2.7 database had the older version of corrupt judge's armor, which is a bit different than the one I was going to make. I  had only casual front and back pics of the design as my clue. But many of the armor's parts didn't show up enough in them, so I used 3D-version of older armor to figure out how the parts would look like.

 Sorry that pics are kinda crappy haha. And all those parts look very shitty 'cause I haven't refined them completely yet. (Lower layer is made of EVA -foam and the top layer is made of craft foam)
I also started to make shoes 'cause I really liked to work with craft foam and I had decided to make shoe shanks of it. I cut the back-side of shoe shanks as you can see in the pic -they look bit weird tho 'cause I didn't shape them at all yet. You have no idea how much brain-work it took to draw out how all of those details would go in a one flat pattern and how it would work in reality! But yes, at last I figured out the pattern to cut from craft foam. (Only problems were that my craft foam sheets were too small so I had to make both shanks from 4 different parts...)

Even tho this is my first armor ever I'm still super-excited! AND MAKING THESE HAS BEEN SUPER FUN. I get more excited after every step I've done with this costume! And also I wait so much painting all the armor-parts! Btw do you have any recommendations about paints to use with this material? I'm going to go buy paints next week and I'm kinda lost with it 'cause I'm a dumbass who doesn't read any instructions ever...haha. Okay not funny at all I'm just an idiot. 

And the last thing this time is about the weapon I chose to do with this costume. I needed to figure out what kind of weapon could match with the armor and is possible to have in game too. I don't know how many of you have even played Aion but here is my route of choosing my weapon in nutshell: There is 4 different kinds of armors, I picked Chain-armor which is mostly used by Warriors. Warrior is one of 4 primary classes and every primary class has its own specialized classes. Warrior's specialized classes are Templar and Gladiator. Templar uses sword, mace or greatsword as its weapon and Gladiator often uses polearm. I decided to specialize into Templar which gives me more options in weapons. Then I watched many kinds of weapons fitting Templar but there was one sword that caught my eye at instant. I found many awesome weapons to make but when I had seen this I couldn't stop thinking about it. (Ok really, I seriously thought about this one like an hour figuring out how it could be done and that was when I was on a bed before I fall asleep)
So here it is:

AWESOME, ISN'T IT? This one is called Anuhart Scale Sword and its available from level 50 to higher so it is every way possible to have with this cosplay!
(And there's a pic of what I need a lot to make this one. I'm glad that I got three 600 ml bottles of PU Foam from sale just in time. Ofc all of the 3 bottles aren't only for this weapon even tho it's huge. I also have other weapons to do for another cosplays and we can talk about them later!)

Have you done any armors or weapons? Tell me I wanna see~ And happy October everyone! I already smell the Halloween ♥~


Nasubi-Photoshoot & DeviantART ~!

Eli juu, meillä oli tosiaan eilen photoshoot meikän Nasubi-cossista! Kerrankin tuli kunnolla otettua materiaalia, kun yleensä ihan hirveesti harmittaa kun cosseja on kaapissa monta mutta kuvia liian vähän, mutta jokatapauksessa - kuvaajana toimi Linnea ja itse olin tietenkin se ketä käytti tämän päivänsä kuvien editoimiseen. Oon itse todella tyytyväinen siihen, kuinka hyvin kuvat onnistui, ilman että olisin omalla naamallani saanut kaiken pilattua. Linnea kyllä totesi että hyvin osasin roolini vetää kun yritin kuvailla Nasubia hahmona sen verran, että onhan se vähän ääliö. Eipä kyllä yllättänyt että oon itekin vähän idiootin näköinen heh. Ja tosiaan tämä ihana hölmöläinen on Hoozuki no reitetsu -nimisestä animesta jos ei ollut jollekin ennestään tuttu! Heitin tähän pari kuvaa nyt näytille, mutta loput yksilöt voi käydä katsomassa mun ihan uunituoreessa DeviantARTissa eli tuolla: 
 http://yvonneye.deviantart.com/ click click~!  Cosplay kansiosta löytyy lisää Nasubi -kuvasia ynnä muita ja jos jotakuta kiinnostaa, niin onhan siellä oma kansio mun itse ottamillekin kuville. (Sepä tässä hassua onkin olla onnistuneesti kuvattavana, kun on itse tottunut olemaan siellä kameran toisella puolella)

Kertokaapa toki mitä mieltä olette!

Nyt tietysti vähän tyrkytän sitä DeviantARTin kurkkaamista, sillä siellä on ne vielä paremmat yksilöt näkyvissä haha. Menkää jo.

Semmoista myöskin oon tässä pohtinut, ettei tämä tällainen kaksikielisyys bloggaamisessa taida olla mun juttu. Monet postaukset jää kirjoittamatta kun tuntuu että siihen menee ihan liikaa vaivaa kirjoittaa samat asiat kahteen kertaan ja okei, rehellisesti sanottuna koen itteni idiootiksi hokiessani semmoisia. Mietin myös että saan parempaa ja ymmärrettävempää sisältöä aikaan ihan omalla äidinkielelläni, vaikka ei sitten muut kuin suomalaiset ymmärtäisikään.

Hyvää syksyä, minä jatkan elelyäni keskeneräisten cossien ja proppien valtaamassa yksiössäni aka. kaatopaikalla! Puhellaanpas niistäkin sitten myöhemmin~


Tracon 9!

Hello! So last weekend I was at Tracon 9! And as I told before: I cosplayed Lady Rainicorn at Saturday and Nasubi at Sunday~  Here is some crappy photos about that!

Terve! Jotenka viime viikonloppuna oli Tracon 9, jossa tietenkin olin itsekin osallisena. Ja kuten aiemmin kerroinkin, cossasin tosiaan Lady Rainicornia lauantaina ja Nasubia sunnuntaina~ Tässäpä voidaan käydä läpi mun vähäisiä ja kämäsiä kuvia aiheesta heh. 

Picking up the fabrics for Lady's outfit was horrible. I needed so many colors and I spent a lot of time to find that kind of fabric that has every color I needed. There weren't any other choice than stretchy material which I had to choose and I also bought tulle (?) with all the same colors. (And there's a pic from my apartment which is always pretty messy when sewing something oh god) 

Kankaiden valitseminen Rainicornin asuun oli todella vaikeaa. Tarvitsin kuitenkin kaikkia värejä ja käytin niiden etsimiseen järjettömästi aikaa löytääkseni sellaisen kankaan, jollaista löytyisi jokaista väriä. No eihän siinä jäänyt muita vaihtoehtoja kuin stretch, ja noh, tottakai ostin siihen kaveriksi tylliä vielä jokaisessa värissä. Ja ohessa myös kuva siitä, miltä mun kämppä näyttää aina kun ompelen jotain... 

And this is how the costume turned out to be! I sewed the whole dress with my intuition, so I changed my mind multiple times in progress. I wanted to do that kind of costume I haven't seen before and which is only made out of my ideas. I can say that I used a lot of bad language while making this dress thinking why I didn't go the easiest way, but now I am very satisfied how I did it. (I can say it is such a pain sew like 12 different pieces together when between them goes 12 other pieces and each one of them had several pleats on them and all else work with this costume!)
I was also kinda stressed about how others will see this costume although it is fully my own design, but our cosplay-group and other people seemed to like it a lot! And I'm kinda proud that my dress didn't break when it got stepped on from the back-side even tho that piece was the one I sewed by hands. 
If someone saw me u might have seen me with this signboard I had with me. And I want to thank about it my friend Joni because he made the sign for me at his school. (I painted it myself which isn't a job at all) 

Ja tässä näkyy millainen siitä puvusta sitten tuli! Koko mekko valmistui intuition voimalla, mulla ei ollut hajuakaan että mitä teen ja vaihdoin suunnitelmaa monta kertaa kesken tekemisen. Halusin tietenkin tehdä sellaisen asun, jollaista en ole nähnyt ennen ja joka olisi täysin omasta päästä keksitty. Kirosin kyllä paljon miettiessäni, että miksen tehnyt helpoimman kautta, mutta jälkeenpäin olen ollut todella tyytyväinen että tein sen näin. (Voin kyllä sanoa että oli puuduttavaa ommella 12 palaa yhteen, joiden väliin tuli vielä 12 erilaista palaa, joissa jokaisessa oli useampi laskos. Puhumattakaan sitten noista tylleistä, mitä on alla sekä päällä jokaisessa värissä...)
Vähän myöskin jännitin, että miten muut puvun näkevät, onhan se kuitenkin täysin itse suunniteltu, mutta vaikutti siltä että meidän cossiryhmä ja muutkin ihmiset pitivät siitä kovasti. Ja olen myöskin ylpeä siitä, ettei mekko hajonnut vaikka tyylilaahukset joutui päälle astumisen uhriksi ja olin sen kohdan kuitenkin ommellut täysin käsin. 
Jos joku näki mut conissa, niin saattoi myös nähdä mukanani tuon kyltin jota kantelin. Siitä haluan kiittää kaveriani Jonia, kuka teki kyltin koulussa mua varten~ (Itse maalasin sen, mutta sehän ei ole homma eikä mikään) 

My cosplay at Sunday was Nasubi which I did in a one day. At top left there is one selfie which I took somewhere in summer or spring I think? It was just a little costest I did bc I was bored but then I got so many positive comments about it that I decided to really do that cosplay some day! When I had this costume at Sunday I felt like it was a wrong day to do that because we were in such a hurry all the time so it would have been better without cosplay. Luckily this costume was super comfortable! (Minus the flip-flops... Most of the day I was on bare feet) This is still the nicest cosplay I've done and I'll definitely use this some other time too! 

Joo elikkä sunnuntaina cossasin sitten Nasubia, jonka asun tein päivässä. Ylävasemmalla onkin yksi selfie, jonka otin joskus keväällä tai kesällä, tehdessäni huvikseni jotain pientä costestia tylsyyden tappamiseksi. Noh, sain kuitenkin niin paljon positiivisia kommentteja kyseisestä yrityksestä ja päätin että oikeasti voin cossata tätä jonain päivänä, ja Traconissa olikin sen aika. Sunnuntaina kyllä tuntui että se ei ollut paras päivä cossille, koska meillä oli järkyttävä kiire kokoajan, eikä ehtinyt hengailemaan sitten tai mitään. Koko päivä meni aika pitkälti ohjelmia seuratessa ja juostessa. Onneksi puku oli ihan supermukava (miinus varvassandaalit... Olin suurimman osan päivästä paljain jaloin) Tämä oli kyllä ehdottomasti kivoin kaikista mun cosseista ja aion todellakin käyttää tätä toistekin! 

And here's last pic I'm gonna show you this time. If someone didn't notice, I had fake-ears in my Nasubi-costume. I tried putting the ears on and doing make-up them to blend on my own ears before and then I took these pics. Ears blended very well but later I realized that they're better to put on the other position when having Nasubi-cosplay and then it wasn't so easy anymore. But I think I worked it out somehow. 

Tässäpä viimeineset kuvat tältä kertaa, mitkä onkin otettu aikaa ennen conia. Jos joku ei siis huomannut: Nasubi-cossiin mulla kuului feikkikorvat. Kuvat otin silloin kun kokeilin ensi kertaa lisäkorvien kiinnittämisen ja meikkaamista omiin korviin häivytetyiksi. Blendasivat tosi aidosti ja hyvin, mutta myöhemmin tajusin että Nasubin kohdalla korvat on parempi kiinnittää eri asentoon, ja sehän ei ollut yhtään niin helppoa. Kyllä mä vissiin jotenkin onnistuin lopuksi! 

Yeah, so did you see me at Tracon? Were you at Tracon? I'm a bit sad about that hurry there - I didn't have enough time for photos and all of friends but hopefully I'm going to have some proper photoshoot about my cosplays soon. And in the next con I'll be sure to have enough time to just hang out and meet everyone! 

Juuh, näitkö meikää Traconissa? Olitko itse siellä? Olen itse vähän surkeena siitä kiireestä siellä - mulla ei ollut tarpeeksi aikaa kuville ja kaikille kavereille mutta toivottavasti saan järjestettyä kunnon kuvaukset cosseista pian. Ja ensi coniin lupaan että mulla tulee olemaan enemmän aikaa vaan hengailuun ja ihmisten tapaamiseen!  


Conventions 2014

I thought that I would blog about conventions from this year because I've been at 3 cons this year and its almost time for 4th! I've been already panicking for Tracon because my costumes aren't ready yet and I have like 2-3 weeks left for it... But to the main thing which is cons where I've already been this year! 
 First convention of this year was Desucon Frostbite. I decided to go there so little time before the exact con, so I didn't make any cosplay for it and I just made some weird cage-dress or something. Ofc it was very cold there in February and I was shaking the whole time when I needed to go outside to take some photos and stuff - why am I so idiot that I wear these kind of clothes by own will at winter? Like really? And yes, I was the one who had serious problems about sitting at every place I went into.

 Next event I went to, was this new convention called Cosvision. It was first of its kind in Finland and it was focused even more in cosplay-culture. I was cosplaying Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji (aka. Black Butler) and I got many nice comments about my costume and appearance which made me very happy~ I definitely will cosplay Ciel again!
 Okay next convention was in the Summer (June) and I had little problems all the time with my costume. Not any big ones, but as you see I was cosplaying Levi from Shingeki no kyojin and the weather wasn't the best one. I mean, it was too hot all the time so I couldn't use the jacket as much I wanted - also I noticed that the material I used for the belts wasn't so good I thought. It was good as long as I didn't wear those belts many hours and walked so much. Of course there were thousands of Levi-cosplayers at the same convention, so this Finnish culture is kinda scary at that kind of situations. (And I really didn't dare to talk anyone of them bc I didn't have any idea about were those people pissed off or was it just that 'classic-Levi-expression' haha)
I'd love to cosplay Levi again, but for that I need to do new belts, 'cause these ones are too flexible to stay up on my legs tho ,_,'. I'm so proud how well the jacket turned out so I need to do at least some Snk -cosplay again in future!

Also I started one new costume what I haven't finished yet. This one needs so much brains that I need lot of time for it! I'm moving this cosplay for next year so I don't have to rush with it bc I really want to do all the details very carefully. But here you have some sneak-a-peek~ 

..................Next con is Tracon 9 as I said before and yes, there is 20 days left into it! (Its also my last convention of the year ;_;) I have clear cosplay-plans for that weekend and I thought that I would share them with you guys ~

If somebody didn't recognize, I'm going to cosplay Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time and Nasubi from Hoozuki no reitetsu. Both series are absolutely awesome and funny so I really recommend you to watch them! I'm not sure about days yet, but we'll see later! 

Is anyone coming to Tracon 9 too? Do you have some cosplay-plans for it? Tell me everything~