Conventions 2014

I thought that I would blog about conventions from this year because I've been at 3 cons this year and its almost time for 4th! I've been already panicking for Tracon because my costumes aren't ready yet and I have like 2-3 weeks left for it... But to the main thing which is cons where I've already been this year! 
 First convention of this year was Desucon Frostbite. I decided to go there so little time before the exact con, so I didn't make any cosplay for it and I just made some weird cage-dress or something. Ofc it was very cold there in February and I was shaking the whole time when I needed to go outside to take some photos and stuff - why am I so idiot that I wear these kind of clothes by own will at winter? Like really? And yes, I was the one who had serious problems about sitting at every place I went into.

 Next event I went to, was this new convention called Cosvision. It was first of its kind in Finland and it was focused even more in cosplay-culture. I was cosplaying Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji (aka. Black Butler) and I got many nice comments about my costume and appearance which made me very happy~ I definitely will cosplay Ciel again!
 Okay next convention was in the Summer (June) and I had little problems all the time with my costume. Not any big ones, but as you see I was cosplaying Levi from Shingeki no kyojin and the weather wasn't the best one. I mean, it was too hot all the time so I couldn't use the jacket as much I wanted - also I noticed that the material I used for the belts wasn't so good I thought. It was good as long as I didn't wear those belts many hours and walked so much. Of course there were thousands of Levi-cosplayers at the same convention, so this Finnish culture is kinda scary at that kind of situations. (And I really didn't dare to talk anyone of them bc I didn't have any idea about were those people pissed off or was it just that 'classic-Levi-expression' haha)
I'd love to cosplay Levi again, but for that I need to do new belts, 'cause these ones are too flexible to stay up on my legs tho ,_,'. I'm so proud how well the jacket turned out so I need to do at least some Snk -cosplay again in future!

Also I started one new costume what I haven't finished yet. This one needs so much brains that I need lot of time for it! I'm moving this cosplay for next year so I don't have to rush with it bc I really want to do all the details very carefully. But here you have some sneak-a-peek~ 

..................Next con is Tracon 9 as I said before and yes, there is 20 days left into it! (Its also my last convention of the year ;_;) I have clear cosplay-plans for that weekend and I thought that I would share them with you guys ~

If somebody didn't recognize, I'm going to cosplay Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time and Nasubi from Hoozuki no reitetsu. Both series are absolutely awesome and funny so I really recommend you to watch them! I'm not sure about days yet, but we'll see later! 

Is anyone coming to Tracon 9 too? Do you have some cosplay-plans for it? Tell me everything~