Anuhart scale sword pt.1

Here's the first part of Anuhart scale sword WIP -posts! (I talked about this sword last time in here) Making this thing is full of work and oh god my brains must be tired of all thinking.. But now on  I thought it'd be easier to tell about my project by step by step:

1. First I made a drawing of sword in right ratio. I also measured lengths between multiple details of it.

2. ..And after that I drew another pic of sword's outlines on a light table. (First drawing is going to help me more later but second one is important only in making the base of this weapon)

3. I measured more simple lengths of second drawing and started to think about how big the sword is going to be. I calculated that someway the sword would be 130 cm long in real life (based on the photos from Aion database, even tho I made all my calculations in the conclusion of a man-character holding the sword in pics would be about 170-180 cm tall) But yeah I ended up in a smaller sword because I am only 164 cm tall, and 130 cm-long sword would be a pain in the ass in many situations, like transporting it, or its weight would be too much. Difference between my first calculation and my finished decision about sword's length is kinda big bc I'm making it 90 cm long now.(but irl its size is very good in my opinion)

4. Next I converted my drawing's proportions to 5 times larger and drew outlines on the cardboard.

5. Then the cutting!

6. I also cut smaller pieces of cardboard to support the sword and glued them on to the both sides of it.

7. Next I added PU foam onto both sides of cardboard. (Of course I waited the first side to dry first before I did the other side)

8. Next step is carving! I carved outlines of the sword by finding the cardboard under all the foam and shaped it a little. It looks kinda shitty before I carve it more but here's the point where I am now with this. I have a lot of work to do still huh!

And this crappy photos are just to make you figure out easier what size the sword is going to be. Pls love my home-look haha.


  1. Wow, hardcore!! o_o Man, it must take some patience to do all those planning sketches so detailed.
    I'm sure that this will turn out AWESOME. Can't wait for more progress!
    I really want to try out PU foam someday too. :'D Where can you buy it? (preferably cheap, höhö)

    1. Oh my patience was tested most in drawing the shape on the cardboard too! It was a miracle that I didn't come violent in that moment :'D Thank you! PU foam is very good in making some not-very-tiny objects and mostly because its very light-weighted and lasting. I have bought Pu foam from Finnish department stores like Hong Kong and Tokmanni but I'm kinda sure it can be found in all department stores that sells some tools. And I suppose it could be found at the real building stores too!