Halloween make-up tutorial ~ (Requested post)

So here it is!

Do you remember this make-up? As I have said, this look has been done only with 'ordinary' make-up products and now I'm going to show how simply its done!

 If you want to make more realistic look, just use latex or some products made just for this kind of make-ups. This is only kind of 'how you can make more 3D - look with make-up while being too lazy to go buy some latex' -thing.

But yeah, I made couple of masses begin with.

First mass (A) includes make-up foundation (1) and pressed powder crushed into different sized pieces (4). There needs to be a lot of pressed powder to make some texture into mass which you can see while mixing it up.

Second mass (B) is made of red lipstick (2), a little bit of foundation (1), different shades of red eye shadows and a tiny touch of black eyeshadow (3). As you can see, I made couple of masses from those ingredients but with different proportions. (just to make different shades you know)

And then I started to make the mouth!
1. I put a thick layer of reddish mass into wanted place and shape. (And tapped it thicker some spots to make it more rough) 

2. Next I put mass A even a thicker layer around the red shape. This mass also needs to be 'tapped into place' so it'll stay thick and the texture shows up. 

3. Then I faded out the mass A to match it more with my own skin. When making this part, it might take many times to add more and more of both of masses to keep the spots looking thick enough. 

Eye part is made of only mass A, tapping it all around my eye. If you are going to use contacts, put them on before doing the eye because it can be impossible after. 

4. Eye shadows! Here's an amazing example how I used the colors haha. I used red, purple, violet, and orange eye shadows. (Maybe a little bit of black can be added too) Eye part has red base and mouth part is kind of "framed" with purple shades. I just tapped colors all over my eye, but I see mouth's coloring more important. Violet/purple/whatevs is the darkest color and that's why its being first eye shadow to add. (of course there is red mass on the base and u don't have to cover it, just shade it a little differently) Next one to add is red and on the top orange 'cause it's the lightest and brightest of this colors. This order will support the illusion of even more 3D-appearance in make-up.


I had kind of hurry writing this so I'm sorry if my English is more bad than usual or something - hope you understand even a little! 


  1. OMG super cool! Thanks for making this tutorial, it looks great!
    Might want to try it out someday! :'D

    Nice to see alternatives to using latex and more "proper" (hardcore) stuff as well.

  2. This is amazing! :'D
    Thanks for making the post, I really want to try something like this too!
    I'm happy because you showed it's possible to do an awesome look with only normal make-up. It's very encouraging! You are really creative with make-up, congrats! :'D