Halloween make-ups pt.1 !

Halloween is coming yay! I'm that kind of person who feels Halloween in everywhere at whole October, so I've started trying many Halloween inspired make-ups lately. (If you have followed me on instagram you may have been already seen that!) I'm going to do at least 2 posts about this topic and here is the first one right now. Today I'll show you some photos of these more ''bloody'' or ''spooky'' -themed make-ups I've done. All photos are taken by phone so I'm sorry for the bad quality.

 This one I made yesterday when I wanted to try same kind of technique I used a year ago to do some 'dry blood' -texture. I figured out how to make texture like that without any latex or fake blood etc and using only regular make-ups I had then. So all the pulp I used for this style was made of powder, foundation, eye shadows and lipstick haha. And yeah here you see also how obsessed I'm with asymmetric looks because every make-up is like that ehhhh....

 This one I did couple of days ago, when we were thinking about our up-coming Halloween costumes with my best friend Saimi. We did almost the same make-up as each other but just mirrored. This make-up was inspired by the cutiest blogger Anzujaamu! 

So the story behind this one is that my friend Linnea (in the photo) came to my place to have a coffee with me and suddenly asked me to do some Halloween -make-up for her. She asks me kinda often to do her make-up if there is enough time, but this time I had a chance to do something different - which was the Halloween-themed make-up! I had no idea what kind of look I would do and just started to do something. And this is how it came out!  Eyelashes aren't in a best position imo, but there are 3 pcs of them in the other eye so.. Unfortunately I don't have any good pic from the other side.

And last collage is about my last year's make-ups! There was more of them but it seems that I've lost the pics. Make-up on the right isn't even finished in pic but it was once again the only photo I had of it... How can I lost all my photos and stuff so easily?

Next time there will be something little bit different make-ups, but related to this costume-party-thing like Halloween!


  1. That first make-up... so much wow. O_o
    Will you make a post that explains a bit more how you did it? I'm curious. ^^
    The other ones are really cool too! Nice work! :)
    Can't wait to see more, höhö.

    1. Thank you! I was kind of planning to do some post about how I did it, and now I will do it when it appears that there would be someone interested to know!