Halloween make-ups pt.2 (Fantasy themed)

Hello again! It's time for part 2 of Halloween make-ups (Or fantasy make-ups). Last post was more about the "scary" or more like Halloween themed looks, but this time I'll show you some fantasy make-ups I've done and  some make-ups that have been done to me this year. 

1. Mermaid
Left make-up is done by my bestfriend Saimi. We practiced fantasy make-ups at school and this is the work she did to me! One on the right is look which I did myself on home in the summer. I'm kinda sad about the quality of the photos ;-;

2. Arctic elf/magician 
 This one is also done by me, this time to my dear friend Saimi.  I did this fantasy make-up and hair at school and yeah, I don't really know what the look exactly is called 'cause I just improvised the whole thing. But it reminds me of some kind of elves and magicians of  the arctic woods or something!

3. 'Animals' 
From left to right the first one starring is Saimi again with fox-inspired make-up by me. First two make-ups are also done at school where we were supposed to do some animal themed face paintings. Next to the fox is me with some deer look made by Saimi. Last one is one look I did at home inspired by Sphinx. It was believed that Sphinx had woman's head but lion's body - therefore I just should have made regular make-up but I wanted to make something cat-styled but still looking like a human at the same time too! (Haha dunno do I look human-like at all in that make-up but the make-up still isn't full cat-style either!)

That was it this time, there is one week until Halloween and I'm so excited! I'm hosting some Halloween parties with my friends next weekend and we are doing some pair-costume(s) with my bestfriend and its going to be so cool! Just hope that we can get some decent photos of the looks though...  


  1. Wow cool!
    I've actually been wanting to try out the deer look. :'D I wonder though, what kind of stuff do you need to make this kind of fantasy looks? I'm a bit lost when it comes to make-up products and bodypaints etc.


    1. I use multiple kinds of make-up doing this kind of looks though! I have a huge collection of eyeshadows and those are the most important tools to any make-up! Only bodypaints I use are always black and white (if I use bodypaint colors, bc I don't often use them at all) All other effects are done simply by eyeshadows and regular make-ups like eyeliners and make-up pencils :) I might do some tutorials or information posts about make-up if they'd be needed :>

    2. Okay thanks!
      Ah, so I guess I should invest in one of those big eyeshadow palettes... xD
      Tutorials would be cool! :'D