Info edit and armor in progress

Hi everyone! Last time I talked about posting only in Finnish, but now the situation has changed. It seems that there are people who want to read my blog in English too so I thought that maybe I should write in English so everybody could understand. That means I'm not going to write in Finnish anymore tho 'cause I'm too lazy to write in two different languages haha. But yeah, if you didn't catch up with my last post - we had photoshoot of my Nasubi-cosplay and if you wanna see more pics about the shoot or maybe my other cosplays or photography you can check my new deviantART here! I'm going to post there many other things too later! 

Now after information let's talk about one of my costumes in progress. I gave some tiny sneak-a-peek a while ago but here's the full picture of what I'm working on: 

If you're familiar with online games you might have guessed that this armor is from AION online. (So I'm going to cosplay Elyos warrior with this corrupt judge's chain armor for level 38 or higher)

I have sewed most parts of the costume, there aren't many things to do with that anymore. But I have a lots and lots of details to add still!

Let's start with the armors I've been working on this weekend. There was little problems with whole armor's design because the newest Aion database doesn't have 3D viewer like the 2.7 version has. The problem with it was that 2.7 database had the older version of corrupt judge's armor, which is a bit different than the one I was going to make. I  had only casual front and back pics of the design as my clue. But many of the armor's parts didn't show up enough in them, so I used 3D-version of older armor to figure out how the parts would look like.

 Sorry that pics are kinda crappy haha. And all those parts look very shitty 'cause I haven't refined them completely yet. (Lower layer is made of EVA -foam and the top layer is made of craft foam)
I also started to make shoes 'cause I really liked to work with craft foam and I had decided to make shoe shanks of it. I cut the back-side of shoe shanks as you can see in the pic -they look bit weird tho 'cause I didn't shape them at all yet. You have no idea how much brain-work it took to draw out how all of those details would go in a one flat pattern and how it would work in reality! But yes, at last I figured out the pattern to cut from craft foam. (Only problems were that my craft foam sheets were too small so I had to make both shanks from 4 different parts...)

Even tho this is my first armor ever I'm still super-excited! AND MAKING THESE HAS BEEN SUPER FUN. I get more excited after every step I've done with this costume! And also I wait so much painting all the armor-parts! Btw do you have any recommendations about paints to use with this material? I'm going to go buy paints next week and I'm kinda lost with it 'cause I'm a dumbass who doesn't read any instructions ever...haha. Okay not funny at all I'm just an idiot. 

And the last thing this time is about the weapon I chose to do with this costume. I needed to figure out what kind of weapon could match with the armor and is possible to have in game too. I don't know how many of you have even played Aion but here is my route of choosing my weapon in nutshell: There is 4 different kinds of armors, I picked Chain-armor which is mostly used by Warriors. Warrior is one of 4 primary classes and every primary class has its own specialized classes. Warrior's specialized classes are Templar and Gladiator. Templar uses sword, mace or greatsword as its weapon and Gladiator often uses polearm. I decided to specialize into Templar which gives me more options in weapons. Then I watched many kinds of weapons fitting Templar but there was one sword that caught my eye at instant. I found many awesome weapons to make but when I had seen this I couldn't stop thinking about it. (Ok really, I seriously thought about this one like an hour figuring out how it could be done and that was when I was on a bed before I fall asleep)
So here it is:

AWESOME, ISN'T IT? This one is called Anuhart Scale Sword and its available from level 50 to higher so it is every way possible to have with this cosplay!
(And there's a pic of what I need a lot to make this one. I'm glad that I got three 600 ml bottles of PU Foam from sale just in time. Ofc all of the 3 bottles aren't only for this weapon even tho it's huge. I also have other weapons to do for another cosplays and we can talk about them later!)

Have you done any armors or weapons? Tell me I wanna see~ And happy October everyone! I already smell the Halloween ♥~


  1. Holy shit, that'll need quite the dedication to make! o_O Looks great so far, can't wait for more progress! Best of luck!

    I don't know about EVA foam but I know that usual spray paints work on craft foam. I've used metallic colors like silver and gold with no problems. Then again you'll need several coatings because craft foam kind of acts like a "sponge" and sucks up the paint, unless you seal it first with a water-glue mix.

  2. Woaaaah! The armor is amazing! I'm really looking forward to see the finished cosplay! :'D
    Your excitement about this cosplay is infectious, I can barely sit still right now. XD
    You've done awesome work with your craft foam. It's so neat and detailed! :'3
    I absolutely love the sword, it's gorgeous. I haven't done any armor or weapon this big so far so I really wonder how the PU foam works. Post progress pics please! I'm very curious about this! :'D
    Good luck! And happy October to you too! ^-^

    Oh, and I'm really happy that you decided to write in English eventually. I can follow you now! (I'm already doing it, höhö).

    If you want to see my blog, go to: hasakitsuki.blogspot.com. :)

    1. omg thank you for all those compliments ;-;! I've used PU foam before in little things and testings, so I'm sure it will work out well with this sword! Okay I try to make some post about making the sword with hopefully helpful details sometime :)

      And thank you!