Aion cosplay WIP: Shoes

Long time no see! I'm sorry I haven't posted more about cosplay things lately, but I suppose you understand that it takes time to make visible progress... I feel like I've been so lazy with sewing the actual costume, and too excited about making these armor-parts and props but little changes in working styles are healthy, am I right? 

So this is what I've done lately!
...I've been painting! I'm sure that the photo don't tell enough how much time and paints these ones took tho. I made like 20 different mixtures of different grays and silvers, using black, silver, blue, and white - although it wont be seen that there are so many different shades...But I can tell that painting these did still take time! I'll introduce you later what all the other parts are for etc. but today I almost finished the shoes that are made of some of the parts in photo above.

 I decided to sacrifice my red heels for this because I have used them only twice in my life and I've had them like 4 years. And I simply painted them to look right.
 Crazy but true - that each shoe is made of 9 different parts. But after some glue and connecting, there are only two different parts per shoe. Details are made of craft foam.

 And here's the other part. Shoe shanks are both just one large pieces of craft foam. (Yeah, there's a lot of craft foam 'cause of the layers I wanted to made. And black stamps there are pieces of velcro (?) (You know that sticky-tape-band-whatevs) so the shank is easy to put on, and it stays well on the right place and position. My tattoo kinda ruins the photo from the backside but you can see the point!

And here couple pictures of the shoe without my leg in it! As you can see that one shoe has two parts, the heel/shoe and shoe shank which is actually a giant tube haha. I'll tell about other parts and props later, bye now~


Facebook updates and Halloween selfies

As you can guess for the title: I made a Facebook -page! I've felt that I'm too nobody to make that kind of things but I also started thinking that maybe some of my siblings etc. doesn't even have any idea about my cosplays bc I haven't published any stuff about that topic on my personal profile? And ok, I always think that everyone has instagram and will see my stuff there but not everyone does so... 
But main thing is that I'm asking you to go and like my page~! (If you aren't exactly interested into seeing my updates there - you can still like my page just for support you know!)

Next quick thing; I was at the Halloween-parties last Friday and sadly I didn't get any descent photo of my whole costume ,_,'' I changed my plans about the make-up couple of days before parties and tried the make-up out a little bit differently:
Pics on the right are from my practice-look and then make-up came out better imo - just my luck.


I've had many exciting plans about many things, hope I can post more about cosplay-stuff soon! I have a lot to tell, but I also have many school-works and other stuff going on...