Three dimensional maneuver gear // Snk

Hi again! Some of you may know that I've also cosplayed Levi from Shingeki no kyojin this year. I love the whole series of Snk in every way and of course Levi is my favorite character from it. I would have cosplayed any character of series (and who knows - maybe I will cosplay some other character too?) but I chose Levi because I saw a lot of myself in him. 

These photos were taken last Spring/Summer, but nowadays the cosplay would look kinda different because I've started making all the straps again from the start (I didn't like the old ones at all, ew) But also I finished my 3Dmg at last!

Here you see how unprofessional I am haha. 
I started making my 3dmg at  last Spring, but I was in hurry and didn't finish it to Desucon, where I was cosplaying Levi so somehow these props just got themselves into my closet. What you don't see you don't remember, right? Couple of weeks ago, my friends mom asked me to model for her photoshoots. We planned about photoshoots of me as I want to be, with different themes and also with my cosplays. Of course I agreed with photoshoots! I remembered that my Levi cosplay had never had photoshoot and I want to have photos of it but - I WANT MY 3DMG TOO! So I finished them at last..

Photoshoot is going to be someday in January, for reasons x  and y, but it's sure to be very fun!

Here they are! The duck tape-thing before included two hangers and in the end it turned into a belt. I had some weird tactics with these but still I think they turned out better than I expected. (I expected something really really bad!)

Now I feel like a winner! I really did finish them! And even tho' I didn't plan these props enough or anything they turned out amazingly comfortable, like I don't have to be afraid that they'd fall off or anything. The whole system feels super 'strong' and easy to be with. (In reality I think 3dmgs are very obsessed with the straps and stuff, but I made these to work out even without the strap-things) When I got these ready I hanged around my apartment like an hour with these on, ahh I'm so happy.


I've also made a huge progress with my Aion - cosplay, but it has been so much sewing and I don't know what to talk about sewing? Maybe I'll figure out something! Have a nice week ♥ I'm going to do my costumes all day everyday this week (y)