Cosplay with tattoos and piercings?

I've heard from many cosplayers that they would take tattoos IF they didn't cosplay - and yeah, that is something I want to talk about. I've seen there are many kinds of people when it comes to cosplay and deciding which traits are more ''successful'' or better suited to copy some already existing characters. And that doesn't include tattoos or piercings if that character doesn't own one. But that doesn't make it wrong for you to have any of them. 

We all have our own opinions and visions about how we want to do everything and that's alright. I have lot of tattoos and it would be a pain to start searching for some character who's costume would cover them all. But I think I don't have any need for that. Some people also cover their tattoos with make-up and that's also okay but I wouldn't do that because it takes so much time and I'd be too stressed about ruining my costumes or something because of some huge mass of foundations and stuff. Most importantly I don't have any need to cover something I've wanted so much that I engaged to keep them with me everyday of my life. 

I've still heard from many people that they wanted tattoos very much but cosplay is preventing them from taking some. But that's not the thing in my opinion, because we all know: Cosplay does not have rules. Still I understand what they're meaning with it - but don't let your precious hobby to take anything away from you! 

Also look at all these great tattooed cosplayers! I don't see their tattoos making them less cosplayers at all - they look amazing! 

From left to right: Vera Baby, Shamandalie & Envy Us

And all the same things go for piercings. I have one piercing on my face and my lobes are stretched to 16mm. They are the things I myself try to make less visible sometimes, but I don't see it as obligatory. Making piercings less visible is pretty easy with piercings designed for 'not to be seen'. I don't know what they're called in English but many of them look something like this:

I have skin-colored plugs for cosplays where my ears are seen more, but I use them pretty rarely because they also make my lobes look kinda odd because they're although so large. So I prefer putting on some white plugs so it's more obvious I have stretched lobes but the plugs aren't so ''wild-looking'' haha. I have this transparent banana piercing too to put on my lip but I have cut it shorter so it wont be seen at all.

SO LONG STORY SHORT: There's nothing wrong having piercings and/or tattoos to be good cosplayer even though there are ways to cover them. And any hobby shouldn't prevent you for doing/having something you want. Cosplay doesn't have any rules! ♥

Do you have any thoughts about this theme?


Conventions 2015 & plans for Desucon FROSTBITE 2016

@ Sibeliustalo, Lahti 2/2015
Costumes; Dokuro-chan from Bokusatsu tenshi Dokuro-chan, Elyos Warrior from AION online

- We had a pair cosplay with Saimi and got a lot of amazing reactions for cosplaying from such a ridiculous series! Dokuro-chan had been one of my biggest cosplay dreams and finally making it true was a lot of fun.
- Elyos warrior was the first armor I've ever made, it costed me more money than any other costume and the prop I made is like the coolest thing I've done ok. Although the costume was mostly more comfortable than I thought - I hated to have heels so walking with those was a disaster. 
- I missed the parties because I felt too sick on Saturday night which was sad but hopefully I'm getting there next time!

@ Sibeliustalo, Lahti 6/2015
Costumes: Suzuya Juzou from Tokyo Ghoul, Chiester 45 from Umineko no naku koro ni 
- Again we had this pair cosplay with Saimi and it's also one of my favorite cosplays ever! Umineko no naku koro ni is like one of my top 5 favorite mangas ever (and one of the only mangas I collect myself). Also I've always loved the design of Chiester sisters! I'm definitely gonna cosplay Chiester 45 again!
- I made a lot of friends at the late Saturday parties and had a lot of fun again!

@ Tampere-talo, Tampere 9/2015
Costumes: Silica (ALO ver.) from Sword art online, Shinoa Hiiragi from Owari no seraph
- Weather was mostly nice, I met a lot of people, I got to know some people better, and I took a lot of nice photos! 
- If I'm honest: I hated my Silica cosplay. It was pretty and all when I put it on but after walking 10 meters it just didn't fit me so well I thought and yeah. Hopefully I'm gonna still get some nice photoshoot for it tho'!
- I have no idea why I cosplayed Shinoa but it was fun to notice there was at least 10 other Shinoa cosplayers around! I made the scythe prop for this costume but it was _too huge_ to even fit to a car so I had to leave it home.. I would've been thought about that before trying to make it ''accurate'' by its size. Every time I learn something! It's funny too how I don't even like the character at all and I was dreaming about cosplaying more likely Lacus (He's my ultimate favorite so!) but yeah... Dunno what happened. 

So conventions for this year are gone and past so let's talk about next year! Desucon FROSTBITE next month is coming and will be the first con of  the year! I have high hopes for that weekend with bunch of great friends and also nice cosplays! So here are my plans: 

I don't know what I'm gonna go with at Friday yet, but Saturday is gonna be KANCOLLE DAY! We have a tiny group from Kantai Collection so I have a pair with Saimi going with these villains and our other friends will go with torpedo girls. I'm too excited! (Just hoping my wig will arrive in time...)
And Sunday is for some oldie but goldie; Allen Walker. Never cosplayed him before tho' but I have this huge thing for uniforms so this outfit came to my dreams too often to ignore it haha. 

See you at Frostbite! ♥ 


I'm late again! - Halloween went but I didn't

I was planning to tell about my Halloween make-ups before the actual event but how come it is now actually December and I haven't done anything? Halloween is long over but I love that exact holiday so much that I would babble about it everyday you know? I wanted to give some inspirational examples about my make-ups I did before and after Halloween, but maybe if you're seeking something like that next year: come by! So after all I decided to spam here couple of photos.

So I did multiple try-outs before the event, and these are the ones! At first I was trying stuff to know how to put myself on Halloween, but it went also to the point I just remembered how I love being a little monster freak haha. My point in every make-up was to make something which will look creepy and freaky but without painting my whole face or adding any bloody wounds/sculptures. Although I've always wanted to try out more SFX make-ups but this time I didn't put any effort for that. I can say it was pretty interesting having about 4 pairs of false eyelashes at the same time but it really did help me to make the effect I wanted! 

I had decided my costume pretty early but didn't do anything for it, so it came up pretty trashy because I sewed a bloody kimono like a night before in a hurry. BUT I did make some horns early, which is kinda weird of me to do something in time haha. 

I know the horns with flowers are pretty mainstream atm, but they came out pretty nice! (Even tho' they're too large imo, but whatevs) 

And this was the final look I made for the parties! Me and my roommate ofc had some Halloween party at our place because we are both so into it! (My roommate is the one with me in the photo, and also made that freaking amazing headpiece herself!) 


...Tiny info for the end too; I haven't been very active 'cause I was in huge hurry with my work a long time but couple of weeks ago I needed to quit my whole business because of illness so now I am mostly at home until I get better someday so I might have more time to blog but I can't promise anything ~


Elf Photoshoot and my photography on DeviantART

This post is most likely just about promoting my deviantART because I updated it more a while ago.
First, it's been a while since I first thought about spamming all these photos because they're all maybe old now but I don't care so yeah! I had a first photoshoot with Photography Heidi Lepistö couple of months ago. I had so much fun being an elf and having such a talented photographer making me look so magical! All photos from this shoot are on my deviantART of course.

Another thing I want to show you guys, is that you can also find my photography on my deviant ID! There is more than photos of my modeling and cosplays - like a bunch of cosplay photos taken by me and another portraits I've had as a hobby to take! I got so many nice shots of Saimi's costumes at Tracon and edited them few weeks ago so now you can also go check out them~! Here's my photography folder. I'd love to have time to take more cosplay photos of other people but dunno where I can buy time?

Btw. I'm soon going to write a little post about some Halloween -stuff, are you excited? It's my favorite season of the year so maybe someone has noticed how much I post about it on instagram as example. ONLY A WEEK UNTIL HALLOWEEN ♥


Tracon X 5.-6.9.2015

I thought I would've written this post like right after Tracon but how come it's been two weeks since then?? I've just been very lazy after the convention and now I'm starting to be normal again little by little. (But I'm normally lazy too haha) SO Tracon was amazing, and even better than last year for me; Last year there were so much rush and stuff so I didn't have time to just sit down and enjoy, or even get focused to anything. Usually I go to see every cosplay and amv competition but this time I went to see only the Sunday's cosplay competition and that's why I had plenty of more time to just watch around and do stuff. I met new people and made lovely friends and had more time to take photos. I was more than happy to photoshoot couple of different groups for better and also got an amazing pics of Saimi's costumes too! 

I think there's no doubt of this year's hit anime? Owari no Seraph absolutely! (Sadly I didn't have enough time to talk so much with all of you, but maybe we'll catch up some other time!)

Saimi took some photos of my Silica cosplay too, and hopefully I'm finding time somewhere to get even more of them! I didn't have any shots of Shinoa's costume, because the prop I made was too big to get anywhere so I thought I'd have a proper photoshoot some other time here in Rauma where I can have my scythe with me too.

By the way I have like 1000 ideas what to write about but where's my energy? Or more likely WHERE'S MY TIME? Also I decided to have so big cosplay projects for next so all of my time and energy are going to them once I even gain enough energy to do something haha. But I still try to write some stuff here sometimes~


Tracon 2015 Line-up!

For those who haven't kept up with my babblings in other Social media - I'm now gonna announce my Tracon Line-up here too! There is about a couple of weeks to Tracon and here are some clues for finding me from there! 

 Silica is someone who I've wanted to cosplay a long time but the idea of cosplaying Shinoa came just out of nowhere haha. It wasn't a long time ago when first season of Owari no seraph came out and I fell in love with the series right away. Shinoa still isn't even one of my favorite characters, so I have no idea how I ended up making her costume. Now when I mentioned the thing - it really starts to bother me?? All my cosplay dreams within Owari no seraph are still caught with the vampires. All my favorite characters are vampires and I also like more of their character designs, so dunno what happened haha. Maybe if I still happen to make another cosplay from Owari no seraph - it will definitely be Ferid Bathory, Krul Tepes, or Lacus Welt ! (I'm just seriously in love with Lacus not gonna lie) Maybe it was the uniform which made me choose Shinoa, or maybe her Cursed gear - which is a huuuuuge scythe called Shikama Dóji I fell in love with right away 'cause I just have some perversion for big and showy weapons. And that obsession is going to make my hobby pretty more difficult; 1. I don't have enough space to make very huge weapons 2. You can't carry such huge props at Con so easily 3. Also that large object needs a lot of space in retaining and most importantly: to transport it from place a to place b. I've used a lot of my brain capacity to plan how to make this prop able to stay strong and good-looking even it needs to make out of different pieces so it could be easy and more likely even possible to carry it somewhere. Hopefully I'll get it ready in time tho'!
But here have some amazing gifs of the scythe I'm talking about:


If you see me at Tracon - come say hi! 


Suzuya Juuzou // Tokyo Ghoul, cosplay photoshoot

Finally got to have a photoshoot - edit photos and post them! So here's my Suzuya Juzo cosplay! All photos are taken by Kiia Rosvall and edited by me.


Tiny Make-up guide: Brushes and tools

As you know: I love make-up. I use make-up everyday, I use make-up as a very important piece of my cosplays, my career includes doing make-up for others, and I'm also in many other way addicted to it. I have a large collection of different make-up tools and brushes and what else, but if you want make even your daily make-up routines easier: You really don't need so much of those. One thing making the whole face paint times easier is having the right tools in the right use. And if you have used just some brushes in some techniques without knowing how they're supposed to use - that's ok, but if you want to learn more about make-up tools: Hopefully this post is going to help you. Let's get started!

1. Powder brushes
Kabuki & basic, you can use whatever you feel best about, and some people use kabuki brush with blush too - but I use it when putting my days' first layer of powder because I feel it easy to tap the powder everywhere with kabuki, later I can use other tools for powder as well in little touch-up situations.
2. Blush
Very close to powder brushes but better on blush when they're softer and wider, so the blush wont look too strong.
3. Foundation
What makes foundation brushes different from brushes 1&2 - is that they're most likely synthetic material. And the most important thing with all of these is Powder/Blush brushes are best when they're made of real hair - foundation brushes work better when made of synthetic materials.

4. Other synthetic brushes
All of synthetic brushes are best when it's about some liquid or waxy kind of make-up. Real hair will kind of suck the make-up in, and will be ruined more effectively when used with that oily products. Synthetic brushes are easier to use, handle, clean, and keep in good condition than real hair brushes when it is about wax/liquid/oily products. Of course you can use them with other kind of products too - but then it is harder to make any good outcomes.

Examples of products I use synthetic brushes with:

Neutralizers, correctors
Body paints
cover make-up
gel make-up

5. Eyebrows 
Eyebrow brushes are often synthetic too which makes them better with eyebrow wax and stuff. The other kind of brush is as you know - brushing. But its more important use is blending and shading.
6. Eyeliner
Eyeliner brushes can be in many different shapes for you to find the best one for your use and technique but the best note with them is also to use the right materials with right products. For example synthetic brush for gel eyeliner etc. Just like with other brushes and products I told before.


Almost every brush can be used as eyeshadow brush, but I prefer to use real hair brushes in that case. Everyday make-up will also be easier when you have simple brush-code for different eyeshadows. (And here I'm talking about simply pressed powder -kind of eyeshadows) Here's example of my brush-code:
7. Wide, large and soft brushes
- are for lighter colors like white and vanilla. I use a lot of light colors for making better effects on my make-up so these are the best brushes to work with when making some light and even large areas.
8. Tighter, a bit harder, and smaller brushes
- I use them for colorful effects. When the brush is harder, it's easier to tap the color right into its place especially when it's about some effect what really needs pigment. Tinier brush is great for some more detailed work.
9. Mid-soft and tiny brush
- is only for black eyeshadows. With that dark color should always be careful anyway, black can ruin everything so easily - so one brush for black makes all the routines more carefree.
10. Soft and kinda ''every way brush''
- I use it mostly when I have all other brushes messed with different colors or when I'm using some very neutral tones.
11. Soft angled brushes 
- These are the keys for the golden land of successful make-up! I use these only for fading. I apply chosen eyeshadow with some other brush and if it's not smooth enough I'll fade it with these brushes. Everyone using eyeshadows in daily basis should have one fading brush. 

12. Lip brushes 
- can be made of almost any material. I don't have any important rules for these, it's only about talent when it comes to lips you know haha.
13. Mascara
- These brushes are for applying mascara. They're not used very often, and I don't even recommend using them on your own make-up. They're made for MUAs to apply mascara for client, but it's very rare to see even MUA using those... If you've seen some bigger fan brushes, they're for base/contour fading and other stuff like that, these are just little mascara brushes.
14. Other
- here are the ones I decided to quickly introduce to you this time. I don't even know why I took this tool for this because you know - these are False eyelash applicators. No words needed.

15. Make-up blenders
Everyone has their own way of putting the make-up foundation, and one way is to put it on with these kind of blenders. Although it's not the only thing they're used for! I don't apply my foundation with these BUT THEY ARE EXCELLENT TOOLS USED AS ERASERS. When something goes wrong with make-up you can easily use a blender to fix it - like with an eraser.
16. Pallet and spatula
- These are also mostly used by MUAs, but I see them extremely handy when I'm doing some new make-up pastes too. For example I've made many my own mixtures to get myself some fake skin paste for fantasy make-ups etc. (Bc I just wanted to try out many things when not having any latex or stuff atm) So that kind of try-outs these are kinda handy tools.

If you had struggles with finding the right brushes for your make-up, hopefully this might help you now on! I would really appreciate if you would tell me what thoughts you have about these kind of posts and did this help you in any way? Would you like more guides, 101's or tutorials?

....And oh yeah, what do you think about my new layout? All updates aren't ready yet and I'm not satisfied with the system where blogger shows up fonts as comic sans if loading is too slow haha. (I hate comic sans too much tho')

Have a nice week! ~* 


Desucon 5.-7.6.2015

Desucon was last weekend and I had a lot of fun there! Sometimes at conventions there are some empty spots when I have time to feel tired or I might be even too busy with running everywhere, but Desucon was just amazing this time! Of course the past Desucons have also been amazing, but now I didn't have so busy time with everything there - even tho' I did miss couple of programs or schedules I wanted to make/see but it didn't bother me at all.

So I had my Juuzou Suzuya cosplay on Friday feeling so good in that costume because in some ultimate crazy way I bond with that character too much haha. I was being so tired the weeks before con 'cause I had so much to do and stress about so I made the quinque at night before the con, but not so bad I think?

On Saturday we had this paircosplay w/ Saimi from Umineko no naku koro ni. I cosplayed Chiester 45 (the red one) and Saimi was Chiester 410. Our cosplay got more popular than any of my cosplays before and also I think this cosplay is my number one favorite now on! Costume was super comfortable and I felt very good in it. All the photos we took came out well and we got so many positive comments about our looks!

I didn't wear the costume at night parties just for being sure not to ruin it, so I had some more casual look there (on the left). Also I was planning on having Levi cosplay on Sunday but I was too busy and lazy to make it for then, so I had kind of casual look then too. (on the right)

AND OF COURSE I DID SOME SHOPPING THERE TOO! Everytime I go to conventions I'll buy some of the mangas I'm collecting from there but this time there weren't any of them available so I needed to buy something else to cure my needs haha, so I just threw my money everywhere - getting couple of wallscrolls, dakimakura (hugging pillow), horror mangas, art posters, and some accessory for my ''convention overalls'' (is it okay to say it like that??) 

I felt so winner when my roommate gave me the right to put the Uta wallscroll on our kitchen 'cause she thinks it's cool! I already have one huge Kaneki wallscroll in my room, so now my room isn't so full of Tokyo ghoul hah. And yeah, For some reasons x & y I didn't take any photo of the back of the hugging pillow... It has different pic on the other side and you can guess which way this is going so...

There are the mangas I bought when I didn't get my usual Umineko collections from the con but as you see: I'm a huge horror fanatic. I love horror movies, horror animes, horror mangas, horror games, ...everything! (especially old eroguro!) And oh gosh I love Junji Ito!

So I have this plan that I'm gonna make some cool overalls and then I can put some nice con-accessories in them. This time I was kinda disappointed that there weren't any proper 'Desucon' patches - so I bought this Tsundere patch what was the official Desucon patch they were selling. AHEMM DESUCON TEAM, maybe next time here could be some patches with Desucon logo or something too....?

These lovely posters are from Princess Koneko's stall. She makes amazing art and I just needed to buy these ones - bc they're extremely cool and also fit our decoration by the colors.

Also I want to say a huge thanks to 
...every cool photographer who took some amazing photos of us
...every cutie who came to say hi 
...every person who made the con this amazing
...every friendly seller ...
every lovely fellows I made friends with
...my amazing friends who had this trip with me
 ............I had so much fun, see you next time!