Anuhart Scale sword WIP pt.2

Hello! I haven't written a lot about my progress with the sword I'm going to have with my Aion costume, so now is time to tell more about it again! You can also check the last post about progress right here.

1. Here I got with the sculpting, cutting and shaping the PU Foam. It doesn't look very fabulous yet.
2. After sculpting, I covered the sword with pulp (paper mass or whatev you wanna call it)
3. When the mass had dried completely I sandpapered it to make smoother surface.
4. After cleaning the sword I added Gesso all over it. 

5. Painting and detailing! Huge amount of paints has been used now... And there is like 100 layers of different paints on it. 

6. More and more painting. I also made the nail details from paper mass and glued them onto the sword with hot glue. Only things missing are the eyeball details anymore! Never thought of getting the process even into this point, but here I am! 

Any thoughts of it yet? 


  1. Wow that looks crazy cool!! o_o Great work!
    Man, I really need to try that PU foam too; everyone does so awesome stuff with it and it doesn't seem too hard to use either!


    1. Thank you so much! PU foam isn't hard to use at all, you should try it sometime:)