Chain armor details as yet

Armor isn't ready yet, but I thought that I would show you how it is looking as yet~

There I have some random top and jeans on, so they don't belong in the costume. Also there are still some chains, tights and other little things and details missing. 

Lights were little bad in left photo so shoulder armors aren't looking very good, but they are much better irl! 

Of course it is kinda hard to figure out any little details from blurry pics from video games, so I improvised the pattern in back of the jacket. Although it doesn't even show up very much when having all the cape things on top of it.

At the same time I'm really proud of myself that I got myself to do this costume and really have made so much progress with it but the same time I feel bad because I know I could have made it much better. There are lot of little crappy spots, and also I feel like I improvised too much in many ways but I try to remember that it isn't wrong at all to use my own imagination. I could have planned much more the progress before making anything, but also I can be happy that I managed to do the costume very working. So I don't have to be afraid that the parts would suddenly fall off or something!

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