Desucon line up!

So here's my Desucon cosplay plans! I'm working on getting my Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul) and Chiester 45 (Umineko no naku koro ni) costumes done as soon as possible. Also I have planned on cosplaying Levi again at Sunday but I'm not sure about the costume yet - because Levi has so many nice outfits in official art but also I have one outfit almost ready. And by almost I mean I started doing a new and better harness for my old Levi cosplay and it is still in progress. And oh, I want to have new shoes for Levi too! 

 Of course there are also some props to do! Gladly I'm not gonna die if I don't finish these weapons in time but it  would be more fun to have them ready too. Juuzou's quinque needs still a serious planning if I want it to fit into a car haha.
But about Saturday's cosplay - it'll be a pair cosplay again! Saimi is going to be my Chiester Sister aka. Chiester 410 (in the photo below) I'm already too excited about this!

But that's it for this time, I have a lot of things to babble about BUT I really need to get my ass continuing the making of these costumes for now! Are you coming to Desucon and what plans you have for there? If you've made any posts about Desucon plans or stuff feel free to link them in the comments or tell your plans there!