Desucon 5.-7.6.2015

Desucon was last weekend and I had a lot of fun there! Sometimes at conventions there are some empty spots when I have time to feel tired or I might be even too busy with running everywhere, but Desucon was just amazing this time! Of course the past Desucons have also been amazing, but now I didn't have so busy time with everything there - even tho' I did miss couple of programs or schedules I wanted to make/see but it didn't bother me at all.

So I had my Juuzou Suzuya cosplay on Friday feeling so good in that costume because in some ultimate crazy way I bond with that character too much haha. I was being so tired the weeks before con 'cause I had so much to do and stress about so I made the quinque at night before the con, but not so bad I think?

On Saturday we had this paircosplay w/ Saimi from Umineko no naku koro ni. I cosplayed Chiester 45 (the red one) and Saimi was Chiester 410. Our cosplay got more popular than any of my cosplays before and also I think this cosplay is my number one favorite now on! Costume was super comfortable and I felt very good in it. All the photos we took came out well and we got so many positive comments about our looks!

I didn't wear the costume at night parties just for being sure not to ruin it, so I had some more casual look there (on the left). Also I was planning on having Levi cosplay on Sunday but I was too busy and lazy to make it for then, so I had kind of casual look then too. (on the right)

AND OF COURSE I DID SOME SHOPPING THERE TOO! Everytime I go to conventions I'll buy some of the mangas I'm collecting from there but this time there weren't any of them available so I needed to buy something else to cure my needs haha, so I just threw my money everywhere - getting couple of wallscrolls, dakimakura (hugging pillow), horror mangas, art posters, and some accessory for my ''convention overalls'' (is it okay to say it like that??) 

I felt so winner when my roommate gave me the right to put the Uta wallscroll on our kitchen 'cause she thinks it's cool! I already have one huge Kaneki wallscroll in my room, so now my room isn't so full of Tokyo ghoul hah. And yeah, For some reasons x & y I didn't take any photo of the back of the hugging pillow... It has different pic on the other side and you can guess which way this is going so...

There are the mangas I bought when I didn't get my usual Umineko collections from the con but as you see: I'm a huge horror fanatic. I love horror movies, horror animes, horror mangas, horror games, ...everything! (especially old eroguro!) And oh gosh I love Junji Ito!

So I have this plan that I'm gonna make some cool overalls and then I can put some nice con-accessories in them. This time I was kinda disappointed that there weren't any proper 'Desucon' patches - so I bought this Tsundere patch what was the official Desucon patch they were selling. AHEMM DESUCON TEAM, maybe next time here could be some patches with Desucon logo or something too....?

These lovely posters are from Princess Koneko's stall. She makes amazing art and I just needed to buy these ones - bc they're extremely cool and also fit our decoration by the colors.

Also I want to say a huge thanks to 
...every cool photographer who took some amazing photos of us
...every cutie who came to say hi 
...every person who made the con this amazing
...every friendly seller ...
every lovely fellows I made friends with
...my amazing friends who had this trip with me
 ............I had so much fun, see you next time!