Tracon 2015 Line-up!

For those who haven't kept up with my babblings in other Social media - I'm now gonna announce my Tracon Line-up here too! There is about a couple of weeks to Tracon and here are some clues for finding me from there! 

 Silica is someone who I've wanted to cosplay a long time but the idea of cosplaying Shinoa came just out of nowhere haha. It wasn't a long time ago when first season of Owari no seraph came out and I fell in love with the series right away. Shinoa still isn't even one of my favorite characters, so I have no idea how I ended up making her costume. Now when I mentioned the thing - it really starts to bother me?? All my cosplay dreams within Owari no seraph are still caught with the vampires. All my favorite characters are vampires and I also like more of their character designs, so dunno what happened haha. Maybe if I still happen to make another cosplay from Owari no seraph - it will definitely be Ferid Bathory, Krul Tepes, or Lacus Welt ! (I'm just seriously in love with Lacus not gonna lie) Maybe it was the uniform which made me choose Shinoa, or maybe her Cursed gear - which is a huuuuuge scythe called Shikama Dóji I fell in love with right away 'cause I just have some perversion for big and showy weapons. And that obsession is going to make my hobby pretty more difficult; 1. I don't have enough space to make very huge weapons 2. You can't carry such huge props at Con so easily 3. Also that large object needs a lot of space in retaining and most importantly: to transport it from place a to place b. I've used a lot of my brain capacity to plan how to make this prop able to stay strong and good-looking even it needs to make out of different pieces so it could be easy and more likely even possible to carry it somewhere. Hopefully I'll get it ready in time tho'!
But here have some amazing gifs of the scythe I'm talking about:


If you see me at Tracon - come say hi! 


Suzuya Juuzou // Tokyo Ghoul, cosplay photoshoot

Finally got to have a photoshoot - edit photos and post them! So here's my Suzuya Juzo cosplay! All photos are taken by Kiia Rosvall and edited by me.