Tracon X 5.-6.9.2015

I thought I would've written this post like right after Tracon but how come it's been two weeks since then?? I've just been very lazy after the convention and now I'm starting to be normal again little by little. (But I'm normally lazy too haha) SO Tracon was amazing, and even better than last year for me; Last year there were so much rush and stuff so I didn't have time to just sit down and enjoy, or even get focused to anything. Usually I go to see every cosplay and amv competition but this time I went to see only the Sunday's cosplay competition and that's why I had plenty of more time to just watch around and do stuff. I met new people and made lovely friends and had more time to take photos. I was more than happy to photoshoot couple of different groups for better and also got an amazing pics of Saimi's costumes too! 

I think there's no doubt of this year's hit anime? Owari no Seraph absolutely! (Sadly I didn't have enough time to talk so much with all of you, but maybe we'll catch up some other time!)

Saimi took some photos of my Silica cosplay too, and hopefully I'm finding time somewhere to get even more of them! I didn't have any shots of Shinoa's costume, because the prop I made was too big to get anywhere so I thought I'd have a proper photoshoot some other time here in Rauma where I can have my scythe with me too.

By the way I have like 1000 ideas what to write about but where's my energy? Or more likely WHERE'S MY TIME? Also I decided to have so big cosplay projects for next so all of my time and energy are going to them once I even gain enough energy to do something haha. But I still try to write some stuff here sometimes~