Elf Photoshoot and my photography on DeviantART

This post is most likely just about promoting my deviantART because I updated it more a while ago.
First, it's been a while since I first thought about spamming all these photos because they're all maybe old now but I don't care so yeah! I had a first photoshoot with Photography Heidi Lepistö couple of months ago. I had so much fun being an elf and having such a talented photographer making me look so magical! All photos from this shoot are on my deviantART of course.

Another thing I want to show you guys, is that you can also find my photography on my deviant ID! There is more than photos of my modeling and cosplays - like a bunch of cosplay photos taken by me and another portraits I've had as a hobby to take! I got so many nice shots of Saimi's costumes at Tracon and edited them few weeks ago so now you can also go check out them~! Here's my photography folder. I'd love to have time to take more cosplay photos of other people but dunno where I can buy time?

Btw. I'm soon going to write a little post about some Halloween -stuff, are you excited? It's my favorite season of the year so maybe someone has noticed how much I post about it on instagram as example. ONLY A WEEK UNTIL HALLOWEEN ♥