Cosplay with tattoos and piercings?

I've heard from many cosplayers that they would take tattoos IF they didn't cosplay - and yeah, that is something I want to talk about. I've seen there are many kinds of people when it comes to cosplay and deciding which traits are more ''successful'' or better suited to copy some already existing characters. And that doesn't include tattoos or piercings if that character doesn't own one. But that doesn't make it wrong for you to have any of them. 

We all have our own opinions and visions about how we want to do everything and that's alright. I have lot of tattoos and it would be a pain to start searching for some character who's costume would cover them all. But I think I don't have any need for that. Some people also cover their tattoos with make-up and that's also okay but I wouldn't do that because it takes so much time and I'd be too stressed about ruining my costumes or something because of some huge mass of foundations and stuff. Most importantly I don't have any need to cover something I've wanted so much that I engaged to keep them with me everyday of my life. 

I've still heard from many people that they wanted tattoos very much but cosplay is preventing them from taking some. But that's not the thing in my opinion, because we all know: Cosplay does not have rules. Still I understand what they're meaning with it - but don't let your precious hobby to take anything away from you! 

Also look at all these great tattooed cosplayers! I don't see their tattoos making them less cosplayers at all - they look amazing! 

From left to right: Vera Baby, Shamandalie & Envy Us

And all the same things go for piercings. I have one piercing on my face and my lobes are stretched to 16mm. They are the things I myself try to make less visible sometimes, but I don't see it as obligatory. Making piercings less visible is pretty easy with piercings designed for 'not to be seen'. I don't know what they're called in English but many of them look something like this:

I have skin-colored plugs for cosplays where my ears are seen more, but I use them pretty rarely because they also make my lobes look kinda odd because they're although so large. So I prefer putting on some white plugs so it's more obvious I have stretched lobes but the plugs aren't so ''wild-looking'' haha. I have this transparent banana piercing too to put on my lip but I have cut it shorter so it wont be seen at all.

SO LONG STORY SHORT: There's nothing wrong having piercings and/or tattoos to be good cosplayer even though there are ways to cover them. And any hobby shouldn't prevent you for doing/having something you want. Cosplay doesn't have any rules! ♥

Do you have any thoughts about this theme?


Conventions 2015 & plans for Desucon FROSTBITE 2016

@ Sibeliustalo, Lahti 2/2015
Costumes; Dokuro-chan from Bokusatsu tenshi Dokuro-chan, Elyos Warrior from AION online

- We had a pair cosplay with Saimi and got a lot of amazing reactions for cosplaying from such a ridiculous series! Dokuro-chan had been one of my biggest cosplay dreams and finally making it true was a lot of fun.
- Elyos warrior was the first armor I've ever made, it costed me more money than any other costume and the prop I made is like the coolest thing I've done ok. Although the costume was mostly more comfortable than I thought - I hated to have heels so walking with those was a disaster. 
- I missed the parties because I felt too sick on Saturday night which was sad but hopefully I'm getting there next time!

@ Sibeliustalo, Lahti 6/2015
Costumes: Suzuya Juzou from Tokyo Ghoul, Chiester 45 from Umineko no naku koro ni 
- Again we had this pair cosplay with Saimi and it's also one of my favorite cosplays ever! Umineko no naku koro ni is like one of my top 5 favorite mangas ever (and one of the only mangas I collect myself). Also I've always loved the design of Chiester sisters! I'm definitely gonna cosplay Chiester 45 again!
- I made a lot of friends at the late Saturday parties and had a lot of fun again!

@ Tampere-talo, Tampere 9/2015
Costumes: Silica (ALO ver.) from Sword art online, Shinoa Hiiragi from Owari no seraph
- Weather was mostly nice, I met a lot of people, I got to know some people better, and I took a lot of nice photos! 
- If I'm honest: I hated my Silica cosplay. It was pretty and all when I put it on but after walking 10 meters it just didn't fit me so well I thought and yeah. Hopefully I'm gonna still get some nice photoshoot for it tho'!
- I have no idea why I cosplayed Shinoa but it was fun to notice there was at least 10 other Shinoa cosplayers around! I made the scythe prop for this costume but it was _too huge_ to even fit to a car so I had to leave it home.. I would've been thought about that before trying to make it ''accurate'' by its size. Every time I learn something! It's funny too how I don't even like the character at all and I was dreaming about cosplaying more likely Lacus (He's my ultimate favorite so!) but yeah... Dunno what happened. 

So conventions for this year are gone and past so let's talk about next year! Desucon FROSTBITE next month is coming and will be the first con of  the year! I have high hopes for that weekend with bunch of great friends and also nice cosplays! So here are my plans: 

I don't know what I'm gonna go with at Friday yet, but Saturday is gonna be KANCOLLE DAY! We have a tiny group from Kantai Collection so I have a pair with Saimi going with these villains and our other friends will go with torpedo girls. I'm too excited! (Just hoping my wig will arrive in time...)
And Sunday is for some oldie but goldie; Allen Walker. Never cosplayed him before tho' but I have this huge thing for uniforms so this outfit came to my dreams too often to ignore it haha. 

See you at Frostbite! ♥ 


I'm late again! - Halloween went but I didn't

I was planning to tell about my Halloween make-ups before the actual event but how come it is now actually December and I haven't done anything? Halloween is long over but I love that exact holiday so much that I would babble about it everyday you know? I wanted to give some inspirational examples about my make-ups I did before and after Halloween, but maybe if you're seeking something like that next year: come by! So after all I decided to spam here couple of photos.

So I did multiple try-outs before the event, and these are the ones! At first I was trying stuff to know how to put myself on Halloween, but it went also to the point I just remembered how I love being a little monster freak haha. My point in every make-up was to make something which will look creepy and freaky but without painting my whole face or adding any bloody wounds/sculptures. Although I've always wanted to try out more SFX make-ups but this time I didn't put any effort for that. I can say it was pretty interesting having about 4 pairs of false eyelashes at the same time but it really did help me to make the effect I wanted! 

I had decided my costume pretty early but didn't do anything for it, so it came up pretty trashy because I sewed a bloody kimono like a night before in a hurry. BUT I did make some horns early, which is kinda weird of me to do something in time haha. 

I know the horns with flowers are pretty mainstream atm, but they came out pretty nice! (Even tho' they're too large imo, but whatevs) 

And this was the final look I made for the parties! Me and my roommate ofc had some Halloween party at our place because we are both so into it! (My roommate is the one with me in the photo, and also made that freaking amazing headpiece herself!) 


...Tiny info for the end too; I haven't been very active 'cause I was in huge hurry with my work a long time but couple of weeks ago I needed to quit my whole business because of illness so now I am mostly at home until I get better someday so I might have more time to blog but I can't promise anything ~