I'm late again! - Halloween went but I didn't

I was planning to tell about my Halloween make-ups before the actual event but how come it is now actually December and I haven't done anything? Halloween is long over but I love that exact holiday so much that I would babble about it everyday you know? I wanted to give some inspirational examples about my make-ups I did before and after Halloween, but maybe if you're seeking something like that next year: come by! So after all I decided to spam here couple of photos.

So I did multiple try-outs before the event, and these are the ones! At first I was trying stuff to know how to put myself on Halloween, but it went also to the point I just remembered how I love being a little monster freak haha. My point in every make-up was to make something which will look creepy and freaky but without painting my whole face or adding any bloody wounds/sculptures. Although I've always wanted to try out more SFX make-ups but this time I didn't put any effort for that. I can say it was pretty interesting having about 4 pairs of false eyelashes at the same time but it really did help me to make the effect I wanted! 

I had decided my costume pretty early but didn't do anything for it, so it came up pretty trashy because I sewed a bloody kimono like a night before in a hurry. BUT I did make some horns early, which is kinda weird of me to do something in time haha. 

I know the horns with flowers are pretty mainstream atm, but they came out pretty nice! (Even tho' they're too large imo, but whatevs) 

And this was the final look I made for the parties! Me and my roommate ofc had some Halloween party at our place because we are both so into it! (My roommate is the one with me in the photo, and also made that freaking amazing headpiece herself!) 


...Tiny info for the end too; I haven't been very active 'cause I was in huge hurry with my work a long time but couple of weeks ago I needed to quit my whole business because of illness so now I am mostly at home until I get better someday so I might have more time to blog but I can't promise anything ~


  1. Awesome! This is really inspiring! *_*
    White wigs and outfits with red eyes always looks awesome to me, haha.

    1. Thank you! Haha I have the same obsession with white/red make-up and stuff :D