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Hi! I wanted to let you know that I've had a lot of photoshoots lately, but I'm more active about them on instagram and deviantArt, so maybe it is time to remind you about the links if you're interested! 

  • My DeviantArt is place where I collect all my cosplay photos and also photography taken by me, you can visit it HERE!
  • My Instagram is my most active Social media account, which is about all my lifestyle and stuff happening atm! Go and follow me HERE! 
  • Also we have common instagram account with my boyfriend, where we show our elven crafts! Go check it out HERE!

Cosplay photos above are from my latest Aion and Shinoa Hiragi photoshoots! Photos are taken by my roommate Kiia, who you can also find on instagram as @proxnn ~

 Also I've had other photoshoots going on as well by the dearest Heidi ♥ If you are interested to find her works go visit her sites!

Professional Photography Heidi Lepistö

Professional Photography Heidi Lepistö - Alex and me 
So what have I been thinking lately? I've been thinking about making videos! You remember I've made couple ones before, but now I have pretty much ideas about cosplay talk and tips I'd like to share with you in more ways than just text posts. There are many things what would be easier to show more visually and moving as in videos and I want to know are you interested? Although I'm not any professional or anything but I have a lot things I've learned myself and I want to others know too and thought of making videos more this time feels a lot of fun! I have a huge list about themes I want to talk about, especially now when I have more time - but do you have some specific interests which you think I would help or talk in videos? Let me know! 

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