Large but light: SHINOA'S SCYTHE

I cosplayed Shinoa Hiiragi at Tracon last September and got caught by couple of amazing cosplayers! They happened to be from this amazing group called Lume Cosplay! If you haven't heard about them, they are talented cosplayers from Finland making cosplay music videos and you can check them out here--> Lume Cosplay Facebook ! So what did they want? They wanted me to join for their new video with my Shinoa cosplay and of course I was in! We filmed my parts couple of weeks ago, and people were asking a lot about my scythe and now I thought I could talk more about it here. I didn't even mention this prop anymore here before 'cause I hated it and was disappointed about how it finally turned out because of all the busy, but all the nice comments kinda made me do this post haha. 

Here's reference and as you can see the scythe is goddamn huge!
References were pretty difficult to imitate because the scythe looks different in almost every scene and I thought I need to make it more simple if I want to keep its enormous size AND keep it light enough to carry at the same time. So as you can see, my scythe looks a bit different, but I think the work I did for this could be helpful for someone who is struggling with large props and want to carry them with hands somewhere so here we go!

The basics: Skeleton made from cardboard and filled with PU Foam (aka. expanding foam). And I did both sides of course. These are light-weight materials so that was the point!

Foam expands couple of hours or so, and then I cut it following the original cardboard skeleton inside it. NOTE!: I didn't have photo of my worst disaster there (which is good I think haha) I was so busy so I taped the whole thing around (normally I would've used some paper mass) and then used white gesso before painting it (I didn't have black one atm)

And after final paint TADA! I hate the scythe's texture but no can do when you are too busy haha.