I totally forgot to mention here about the 2 cmv's I was part of! Maybe you still have seen them if you follow my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/vnnecosplayandart/ but if you still haven't, here they are!

RINTAMASUUNTA - Forget me not

LUME Cosplay - Because I love you

I had much fun being with other cosplayers and doing something different than usual! Hope you enjoy these ~


So... Tracon!

I'm in the point where there is convention coming it is more than a FACT that I'm going to write about it at least a month after the convention is over. Maybe I need that much time to recover from all that socializing huh? I Don't know really, I always have a huge hangover from socializing but that shouldn't make me so active procrastinating my way further from writing a post about it haha. BUT here I am again, late as always, but telling you how my Tracon XI went!

First of all: This year's Tracon was the best con I've ever been to even though I really didn't have time to see any of the competitions or else but I had spectacularly wonderful time in my costume and with people! Our pair cosplay from Dragon age series came out to be my favorite cosplay so far and even though I couldn't make the casual Dorian look for Sunday (I forgot some pieces at home) it didn't matter at all because I really liked my armor version! We also got so much good feedback and comments from our costumes and appearance that it made me feel very proud and confident about how well we made this dream cosplay which we put so much effort on! We got asked to another photoshoots elsewhere and we are definitely going to have some quality photos later and have these cosplays on in some other convention too. But here are few shots that we got from others from Tracon!

by Jonna Pilli-Sihvola

by Jonna Pilli-sihvola


I was having so actively amazing time with Alex (Fenris) and other friends as well (Thank you Titta for your amazing company!) that I also got so tired in the evening that we really couldn't go any afterparty or so but the weekend went still too fast! I went home very tired but also with a huge inspiration blast and joy for next conventions! (and with a shopping bag full of manga and fanmade stuff with my own face on them too if you know what I mean haha.) 

Sadly this year is over with conventions and events for me and I can only guess when is going to be the next time I get to go anywhere. Conventions are this moment costing me too much money and everything is kinda problematic but I have strong fever for events so hopefully I can figure something out! I'm planning on a variation from my Dorian cosplay too, maybe a winter armor or updated version of this one I already have - I don't know yet for sure but one thing I know is that I'm going to be Dorian again. Definitely. 

Oh Dorian. He is one of those characters I have deep connection with and see myself in them so damn strongly that I feel more confident in my costume than normally. I love that feeling when I can make characters more alive with personal connection. And that is something I see amazing in other cosplayers too when you can actually see them channeling that specific character from their own heart. When you are actually living the character in some way inside, it looks hella good on the outside as well. That is one huge thing in cosplay and especially in cosplay photography if we are taking a deep sight on that theme. I could recommend everyone to remember that next time you're posing in cosplay for photos if you know what I'm saying! There are a lot of things in the making of perfect cosplay photo but in every way I can say that is the most important thing to keep in mind! 

Maybe sometime I tell you more about my views in that topic too if someone's interested some tips and tricks from me. I'm not a professional tho', just a hobbyist but I've been photographing for many years now and I am mostly specialized in portraits and people AND I have pretty much experience from modeling too. (not only for cosplay but professional photographers and fashion too) So if you are ever interested into some posts or any posts and themes: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to tell me that in the comments! 

But I want to give A BIG THANK YOU for all those people who
...Had fun time with us
...Gave feedback and comments of our cosplays
...Took photos and videos of us
...Were going with all of our character acts and goofiness overall
...Wanted to babble with us
...Complimented my personal aesthetics and tattoos with cosplay! (That was new and felt very good how much lovely comments I got for my tattoos and stuff because I rarely see heavily tattooed cosplayers showing off? It made me smile really!)
...Overall spent time with us and made Tracon XI my best convention so far!