Dorian Pavus: Accessory & Staff making

Hello again! I never had time before to talk more about the work in progress of my Dorian cosplay so now I dug out a couple of photos I took in the making. People asked me mostly about the staff in instagram and at Tracon and I hope you find your answers here haha.

So, the character is Dorian Pavus from game called Dragon Age: Inquisiton and first you can see my ready costume wore by me on the left and also the reference picture of the real Dorian! (My photo was taken by Hohtis (@twitter) thank you!) although the filter kind of blurs a bit, so you can't see all the details''. I'm mostly pleased with my finished costume so I'm not trying to be defensive with this haha. Also the book on my waist have fallen lower than it should so it looks a bit wrong. AND I did use other official art from Dragon Age art book etc. as a reference for placing things and to understand the armor better. So if you see something different, it may be because of that.

Couple words about the details (the silvery ones you know)

 I used Craft foam, what is one of my mostly used materials if you haven' noticed. It's cheap and easy! I would looooove to use worbla instead but with my current situation, I really can't afford it. (Uh, you can always send me some if you are feeling like giving and buying stuff to other people tho'!!) SO All of the details are made of craft foam with some additional hoops or rings etc.

All the pieces had their own tiny details and patterns which I chose to make with burning pen so those details would be dimensional and realistic. Okay, I burned the patterns, everything went well until.... I started to paint. What I learned by then was DON'T USE MARKER ON ANY MATERIAL YOU'RE GOING TO VARNISH AFTER(with craft gloss?). I literally had EVER seen this happening before but after I painted everything and started to varnish the pieces with some craft gloss, MY RED MARKER STAINS CAME VISIBLE AFTER ALL THE PAINT LIKE SOME NEON LIGHTS?? I've never before used even craft gloss/varnish but maybe it does this on purpose I have no idea? I thought that maybe the effect was only because foam was going wet again and the marks will leave after it's dry but nah. I needed to paint them all over again and this time leave them without gloss. (Which was huge work because there was overall about 100 different pieces and I used 4 layers of different paint/gesso for each one so...) 

Burned details & finished painted accessories. Be careful when burning materials like craft foam because they are melting very easily!

BUT I GOT THEM COVERED! Next thing was the most asked thing: THE STAFF DUN-DUN-DUN-DUUUN! So the staff was overall my own design of what would suit a necromancer Dorian in my opinion / what materials I had already. So simply: Wooden stick + Fake heart (from local party/theme shop called Pilailupuoti) + EVA foam (sold as purposes as sleeping pad or yoga mat etc.) + craft foam + hot glue + paint.

So a lot of foams cut and glued together! Then I made some vein-looking details with hot glue. So nothing difficult but indeed ridiculous looking without paint. But the paint is the game changer as always:

Black gesso + black acrylic paint + metallic red acrylic paint. Also made tiiiiny details with pure red acrylic paint but you can't see them here really.. This would've been good chance to show you more about the paint work I do with props but I forgot to take wip-photos of the painting steps... Hnn, I'm always forgetting something.. Sometime you will see more of that topic if you're interested but maybe better that there aren't too many things once you know! Let me hear if this helped any of you guys!